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Futsal is alive in Malaita 

22 July 2021

Futsal is alive in Malaita Province despite the fact that the country is not organising a regular Futsal competition leagues for both men and women this year. 

In the first quarter of this year, Malaita Football Association (MFA) with the help of Futsal lovers in Auki teamed up and organized a Men's Futsal League commonly known as the Auki Futsal League.

Even though the Auki Futsal League has no major sponsors this year, the passion for Futsal is obvious as the league ended successfully.

The league attracted many teams from Auki and surrounding communities with a huge fan base which makes Aligegeo Futsal Court a place to be for many spectators throughout the course of the league which ended successfully back in May. 

The Auki Futsal League was decorated with some of the current Malaita Eagle players with the likes of Fred Angi, Philip Origa, Augustine Kafula, and many more.

Following the completion of the Men's Futsal League, MFA and its supporters came up with another Futsal League and this time it was for Women. 

The league is called Auki Women's Futsal League.  

The Auki Women's Futsal League, which started in June, will conclude this coming weekend with a grand final match between the A.C.A United FC and Santus FC at the Aligegeo Futsal court.

When it comes to Futsal, Malaita Province is slightly ahead of other provinces as it shows great effort in trying to encourage Futsal development in the province by organizing Futsal leagues for both men and women. 

Auki News Bureau