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Soccer actions kick-off

06 September 2014

The fourth season of Telekom S-League actions starts today.

The kick off will allow football fans and supporters in the city to enjoy some exciting football action before the year ends.

A schedule for all the matches throughout the season has been released which revealed out that matches will only be on weekends similar to the last season.

And most of the matches are expected to be thriller with more skills and football action being displayed following the recent world cup.

According to the schedule, the opening match today will feature X-Beam FC and Real Kakamora FC at 2pm to be followed by the former O’league representative Koloale FC taking on Hana FC at 4pm.

The matches will be played at Lawson Tama.

Tomorrow’s clashes will feature again another two interesting matches with the defending TSL champions, the Solomon Warriors FC taking on Malaita Kingz FC at 2pm and KOSSA FC will be playing Western United FC at 4pm.

All the matches will be played at the Lawson Tama stadium.

Match times of 2pm and 4pm from the previous three seasons will be maintained.

All the clubs have been gearing up for the start of the season and are believed to be in top form for the country’s top league.

Most of the clubs and players have just ended the HFA league and championship last month.

As expected the competition will be tough as all teams would like to secure the top position.

Prior to the start of this new season a lot of changes have been taking place with teams securing new players to boost their campaign.

No doubt some clubs will come out stronger this season which expects a strong competition between the teams. And so soccer fans expect to see entertaining actions and skills being displayed by local talented soccer players.

A number of local players who have played overseas have also returned to participate in this season’s league and that would add extra flavour to the league.

Nine clubs who initially kicked off last season’s competition are in for the two and half months of competition.

The teams are Koloale FC, Solomon Warriors FC, KOSSA FC, Western United FC, Malaita Kingz FC, Hana FC, Marist Fire FC, Real Kakamora FC and X-Beam FC.