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Matangiki end on high note

17 September 2014

Despite the challenges Matangiki rugby team faces over the months they managed to overcome Avaiki with 15-6 on Tuesday.

The league which started last month was sponsored by the Solomon Island Rugby union Federation [SIRF].

Matangiki rugby team does not have any major sponsors and they have around 22 players.

Speaking to the Star Sports Randy Hatigeva team manager said currently what makes them stronger is the bond of togetherness that they shared in the team.

“Since we started this team in 1999 there is no major sponsor who supports us by providing materials.

“We just struggle to trained harder, provide our own needs in the team and we work towards our goals”.

The team is made up of young people from Rennell which it was not easy to organise because during the training some will not turn up due to financial problems, said Mr Hatigeva.

“There are times when we find it hard but that does not stop us from striving hard because as a team manager I know what this young people have been going through and so I want to help them even with little of what I have for them,” said Mr Hatigeva.

“We fight so hard to win this game with all our strength and that is why we win today because we know it was our last chance,” said the team said.

Meanwhile Mr. Hatigeva urges all young people to stand firm in whatever field they might be in even though they lose hope.

By Joanna Frances