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Showers halt matches

22 October 2014

Last weekend’s bad weather has forced all six remaining futsal league games in Auki, Malaita province to be cancelled.

The matches were supposed to be played at Aligegeo futsal court.

Because of the heavy down, all the team managers met with the organising committee and agreed that the games be cancelled due to the poor condition of the court.

The cancellation also for the safety of players and referees.

Ten (10) games should have been played last Saturday but only four games were played and the other six games will be played as catch up matches later on after all the remaining pool matches.

During the first game between Faubaba and Auki Eels, Eels narrowly beat the new comers Faubaba FC by 3-2.

Santos Yellow was too good by beating the Namo FC 4-1 in the second match.

The third game saw Santos Blue held Lau United to a 2 all draw.

The fourth and the final game was between DFC and Kafobala FC, the game also ended to a 2 all draw.

Three games will continue today at 3pm and this will be BFC taking on the mighty Auki Eels. At 3:30pm Galaxy FC will be up against the fast and skillful boys from Lilisiana, the Santos Yellow.

The final game at 4pm will feature the two league new comers Lau United FC and Brothers United.