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‘We can be best’

15 April 2014

International player Michael Fifi'i says Solomon Islands can produce best team in the O-league if club owners and players care about national interest than personal.

Mr Fifi'i who is playing for Kiwi FC of Samoa in the current O-league learned that out of the eight clubs competing in the O-league five clubs are recruiting Solomon Islands players.

The clubs are Waitakere United, Hekari United, Tafea FC, Amicale FC and Kiwi FC.

Playing for Waitakere is Benjamin Totori while for Hekari United are Joachim Waroi and Tuti Zamatanito, Tafea FC is Joses Nawo, Amicale FC are Jack Whitney, Richard Anisua and Nelson Sale and Kiwi FC are Michael Fifi'i, Jimmy Hoasihita and Lenton Dauara.

"In this O-league I notice that there are Solomon Islands players at least playing for five club champions,” he said.

Mr Fifi'i said this shows that Solomon Islands have good players that can be recruited by the representative club to form the best team.

He said like other players he was happy to help Kiwi FC of Samoa to improve their level at the O-League but he was more than happy if they play for Solomon Islands.

Mr Fifi'I’s view was also supported by the Sponsor of the Solomon Warriors Honorable Bodo Dettke.

Mr Dettke said the club did look for players from other clubs and players like Benjamin Totori and Joses Nawo to join them but they have personal interest.

He said Solomon Warriors is team representing the country and every clubs and players should share national interest together to bring football beyond O-League.

He said he was sad to see that when other clubs qualify for the O-League they received more support compare to them (Warriors).

He said Solomon Islands is a soccer loving nation and there should not be a negative attitude towards any clubs that represents the country.

“If we have this mentality soccer will never improve in the country.”

By Charles Kadamana
In Fiji


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