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Bodo disappointed

11 April 2014

Solomon Warriors sponsor Hon Bodo Dettke was disappointed over luck of support by Solomon Island Football Federation (SIFF) and the government towards the team.

He said he has to dig deep into his own pocket to meet the expenses which cost him SBD$109,000 due to lack of support.

He said while OFC has paid the airfares of the team to SIFF on March 6 there was nothing coming from that.

He said he was also disappointed that no officials from SIFF even showed up during their departure.

He said their attendance at the O-League has gone through hiccups which has mentally affected the morale of the players before even they took their first match.

He said they were frustrated when they went up at the airport to take their flight when they were informed that there were no names of the players in their system.

"We have to negotiate with airlines and finally depart at 5pm on Sunday to get us here for the O-League," he said.

Mr Dettke said sport will never improve if there is no support given to teams working hard to represent the country.

"We the private sectors have done our part to develop sport in the country and the government must do their part too," he said.

He urges individuals, sport authority and the government not to politicise sport and have negative attitudes towards any teams that represented the country.

By Charles Kadamana
In Lautoka, Fiji



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