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Tetere inmates held Kickaraon in friendly

04 April 2014

ONE of the oldies fun soccer clubs around Kickaraon last week took on the might of Tetere inmates on the pitch.

The inmates kept Kickaraon at bay until the final whistle. There were no scores.

Kickaraon is a registered oldies club which is a fitness based team that has been around for for quiet sometime, consisting members of different occupational fields and age groups. Gathering every Thursday evening at Burnscreek Adventist High School’s field, the team promotes fitness, friendship and most of all team effort.

Team Coordinator, Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Ronald Talasasa organised the friendly match.

Deputy Commandant, Joseph Watawa of Markira Province who has just recently joined the Centre this year and Program Officer Nolley Dagi of Temotu Province who has been with the Centre since 2009 emphasised that the Rehabilitation and Integration program involves the 28 inmates currently serving at the Correctional Centre to interact with outside contact through Community workshops, Carpentry workshops and Physical Training on allocated days from 4pm-5pm.

The friendly match was part of the Correctional Centre’s physical training. Majority of those who played are currently serving lifetime sentences while few others were Juvenile Offenders.

“Kickaraon has organised about 8 matches so far with the Correctional Centre Inmates, and look forward to more,” Program Officer, Nolley Dagi said.

By Carol-Anne Galo
Journalism Student