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Australian athlete instructor happy with training

16 April 2015

THE Australian instructor engaged to train the local athletic squad is impressed with the progress of training so far.

Terry West, the President of Oceania Athletics Coaches Association (OACA) is currently assisting the Athletics Solomon Islands’ squad in preparation for three major events that are coming up this year.

The events are the Oceania Athletics Championship in Cairns, Australia from May 8th to 10th, the South Pacific Games (SPG) in Papua New Guinea (PNG) from the 4th to 18th of July, And the Commonwealth Youth Games that will be taking place in Samoa this September.

“I am quite impressed with the outcome of the training and how it is progressing.

“Solomon Islands have so many potential runners and they are comfortable with the training that I have given them. I think I have given them hard training,” West said.

For the past two weeks, the selected squad of 16 athletes is hard on training for the past two weeks.

A long distance runner, Alwin Muha said, he was very happy with the current training under West compared to other former trainers.

“I have been running since 2010 and the training programs that West had given us are very inspiring unlike the training that we receive from other coaches,” he told Star Sports on Tuesday.

Young Muha believes the local athletics squad will continue to make the nation proud by winning medals in the upcoming events under the watchful eyes of the Australian.