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Rugby yet to submit final list

17 April 2015

The deadline for National Sports Federations (NFs) has passed and Solomon Islands Rugby League is the only sport that has yet to submit its final list after the deadline for submission on March 31.

This was confirmed by the administration officer/chairperson, Solomon Islands Athlete Commission National Olympic Committee of Solomon Islands (NOCSI), Francis Manioru.

He stated, that the NOCSI office has shown some leniency and has given SIRL the end of the month to make their submission.

“All National Sports Federations have submitted their final team lists except for rugby league.

“They have arranged with the NOCSI office to give them until end of this month.

“So far the response from all NFs have been great,” he said.

Another deadline revealed yesterday was the deadline for accreditation.

The date is on the May 20, the NOCSI strongly stressed that after that set date there will no more names will be accredited.

“So far we have entered all the names submitted to the office in the system but only we will only accredit the ones which have all the information need to be attached with, such as photos, and the BIO page on passport.

“The difficulty faced by the accreditation team is the pace by which NFs will process passports for their athletes before the deadline,” he said.