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Pool games set to kick off

11 August 2015

FOLLOWING consultation with the organisers of the 2015 Malaita 32nd anniversary cup, soccer matches will now played in pool games and not as knock-outs.

Venues will be at Aligegeo School and Gwaunaru Playing ground in Central kwara’ae.

This was agreed upon by referees and team captains. Most of the teams comprised of wards around Malaita.

The Malaita 32rd anniversary Cup 2015 will now be played in five pools consisting of 4 teams. The changes have been done at 5pm yesterday at the Green House.

Pool A: ward 13, ward 3, ward 7, and ward 4

Pool B: ward 12, ward 1, ward 28, and ward 6

Pool C: ward 11, ward 8, ward 30, and ward 24

Pool D: ward 5, ward 25, and ward 21 wards 29

Pool E: ATC, ward 2, ward 4, and ward 16.

In Auki