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Laugwata organizes sports competition

11 August 2015

The young stars from Areo in West Kwara’ae, Malaita province have scooped $300 dollar cash prize after beating the under dogs UK of Sasale village in the final match over the week at Laugwata playing ground.

The event was organized by Laugwata school to support the school in its efforts to raise much needed funds to support the school.

 A senior member of the Areo seven-a-side soccer team acknowledged his boys for their fine performance and good spirit of game played.

“Our aim is not only to win but to come together and share excitement and peace amongst each other in the community.”

The one week tournament brought together soccer lovers and supporters from surrounding communities to support the week long program.

More than 10 teams in and arround Laugwata school participated in the peaceful and exciting tournament.

A senior member of the Laugwata fundraising organising committee Fabiano Ngengemani said, the tournament was not only to raise funds for the school but to bring the young people together to share and mingle with each other as one way to build peace in the community.

He said, the orgaising committee was proud to see many young people from other communities coming together to enjoy the event in a peace and respectable manner.

This week Laugwata school is organising another seven aside soccer tournament and is appealing to any interested teams to come and support the school.