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Tough season

11 August 2015

Clubs to participate in the fifth Telekom S-league have been gearing up for the start of the season and are believed to be in top form by next week when the competition kicks off.

A number of friendly matches have been played over the past weeks to test their respective strengths as the kick off date looms.

Most of the clubs and players have just ended the HFA league a few weeks ago and as expected the competition will be tough as all teams would like to secure the top position.

A lot of changes have been taking place with teams securing new players to boost their campaign.

The clubs will come out stronger this season giving the soccer fans more football actions.

The Fifth season of the Telekom S-league is anticipated to be tough with the inclusion of two new clubs to the competition, Guadalcanal FC and West Honiara FC.

Initially the TSL competition started with eight franchised clubs until it was increased to nine franchised clubs in the previous two seasons.

The increase in number has also had an impact on the level of competition.

Now that two more clubs have been included with plenty new talents, the competition is expected to once again reach a new level of competition.

An anticipated tough challenge will come from the former TSL champs, Solomon Warriors FC.

They used to be the favorites were denied their retaining of the title last season.

The return of Vanuatu’s star defender, Brian Kaltack is expected to put on a tough contest for all clubs.

TSL champions, Western United FC will definitely be once again the team to beat as they are carry the burden of battling to regain the title.

The ten clubs for this season’s competition are Koloale FC, Solomon Warriors FC, KOSSA FC, Western United FC, Malaita Kingz FC, Hana FC, Marist Fire FC, Guadalcanal FC, West Honiara FC, Real Kakamora FC and X-Beam FC.

The S-League management is looking to wrap up the season by February which leaves a month for the champion club to prepare for the OFC Champions League.