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Rugby union gets promoted

06 October 2015

East Rennel rugby union association has taken steps to develop rugby union in the district by engaging communities and schools in the district in the sport.

Speaking to this paper yesterday East Rennel Rugby Union president George Taweka said they have been engaging the communities and schools in the area in rugby since September in four categories.

The four categories are; senior men, women, secondary schooland primary schools category.

He said since introducing the development programme in East Rennel, it has attracted interest from communities and schools in all categories

“The aim is to keep the communities in the area involved in sports and to improve their skill in rugby union which is the much favoured sport code on the island.”

While the communities and school children are showing more interest in the sport, he said East   Rennel Rugby Union Association is experiencing difficulties with regards to facilities and equipment to continue with the initiative that they have already started.

With that Taweka has called upon the government of the day and the business houses who have the heart to see rugby union developed in the country to its full potentials to come forward and support them with funding to keep the development programme going.

With that he said other sports like netball and soccer also need to be developed in the area but lack of funding is the real obstacle that they were faced with.

Mr Taweka believes that other rural people in other province in the country also faced with funding difficulties where he urged the government of the day to fund sporting activities in rural areas in the country as a way to develop sports and to keep the rural people stay active and healthy.