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Royal Honiara 7s Futbal championship

23 March 2016

Best football countries in the world their leagues go for not less than 10 months.

As for our TSL competition, it only goes for about three months, therefore it is important that we have to create the avenue for our TSL players to play for longer periods in a year

For this reason this competition came about.

Its healthy for football in the country.

To enable our elite players to play for longer periods.

West Honiara Royals would also like to promote 7s futbal as it is the most played code of football in the country

According to Royals vision 2020 our target is that one day 7s Futbal will become a recognized FIFA football code, something similar to the Rugby 7s series.

‘The beauty about FIFA 7s futbal series is competitive world football can be enjoyed year in and year out unlike now where the world cup is held every four years.

Registrations closes today at 5pm.

Teams and clubs interested to participate are urgently called upon to register ASAP.

Event is set in a way that games will be played from 8am to 6pm starting tomorrow and ends on Monday next week.

During the nights there will be concerts to display the talent of our local artists

So far 20 teams have registered.

Targets teams from all over Honiara City.

The four teams in this championship are qualified to play in the Royals national 7s Futbal Championship that is planned to be hosted on July 7th.

Teams registered are strongly urged to be at the venue before 8am.