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Wale: SOE regulations must preserve public security

ANY regulations decision and or action taken that do not preserve public security or are not necessary to the protection from importation into and the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19) in the Solomon Islands would be outside the scope of the emergency declaration under section 16 of the constitution. 


The Government today has repeated its call on ship operators to comply with the Maritime Safety Laws of the country.

Shanel: don’t blame gov’t 

The Member for Parliament (MP) Central Guadalcanal says the government should not be blamed for the recent sea tragedy involving MV Taimahero. 


Partial lockdown this weekend

Dora: gov’t must be held responsible

A FORMER Deputy Premier of Malaita province says the Solomon Islands government must be held responsible for the 27 people who lost their lives at sea as they flee from the coronavirus (COVID-19) threats.

Suidani calls for commission of inquiry into sea tragedy

Malaita Provincial Premier Daniel Suidani is calling on the government to establish a commission of inquiry (COI) into the MV Taimareho sea tragedy.

Sea tragedy in the shadow of COVID

DEAR EDITOR – I would not term the recent tragic incident with the Taimareho shipping as an accident or just a disaster. It should be properly designated as a direct result of blatant ignorance and carelessness in the strictest terms.

Widespread flooding 

DEAR EDITOR – Tropical Cyclone Harold has left the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu is now braced for what has developed into a monster storm with reports already reaching authorities of widespread flooding having occurred across the country and in parts of Port Vila, the capital.

What MPs get

DEAR EDITOR –The article about what the MPs get is interesting.

Suidani: survivors need trauma counseling

Malaita Provincial Premier Daniel Suidani has call on the national government to send a trauma counseling team to survivors of the Taimareho sea tragedy.

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