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Pukpuks sevens squad to be finalised

30 March 2016

Port Moresby (The National) - THE Pukpuks Sevens train-on squad played their final trial matches over the Easter weekend during round 3 of Capital Rugby Union matches at Bava Park.

The 20-man squad was divided into two teams, Red and White and played each other over three games.

The games were played on Saturday.

From these matches, the final squad to play in the Hong Kong Sevens will be selected.

Pukpuk Sevens coach Douglas Guise told The National that he was satisfied with preparations for the Hong Kong tournament next month.

“We are doing pretty well, considering the difficulties that we have had to deal with,” Guise said.

“As you may be aware, we don’t have a major sponsor as of yet, so we’ve been doing the best we can.”

Guise said that it had been difficult having to only prepare at home.

He said that the main hurdle for the team had been the limited participation in overseas competitions.

Not having a major sponsor has only hindered the preparations of the team.

“We’re not pushing the boys too much, we’re not a professional outfit. But whatever we have here, we try to be professional about our approach,” Guise said

The final squad will consist of 12 travelling players with three shadow players.

The final team to play at the Hong Kong sevens tournament will be announced this week.