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Fiji eyes coaches from Cuba

06 April 2016

Suva (Fiji Times) - FIJI is hoping to secure national coaches for volleyball and boxing from Cuba.

The ambassador of the Republic of Cuba Mario Alzugaray paid a visit to the Minister of Youth and Sports Laisenia Tuitubou on Friday.

Alzugaray revealed Cuba was willing to offer assistance to Fiji in the areas of common interest and strengthen existing diplomatic ties in a press release.

Tuitubou said there were some issues regarding the overseas coaches coming into the country.

"Fiji has signed a memorandum of understanding with Cuba in 2012 regarding the recruitment of volleyball and boxing coaches," he said.

"It was stalled as both countries are yet to identify an English speaking candidate."

Alzugaray said they were working hard to send coaches to Fiji.

"There are some other legal contractual obligations Fiji is still to meet so we can go ahead and bring the Cuban coach to Fiji and we're working hard to finalise that this year," he said.

"Cuba has an extensive area and youth program and we are willing to provide you with information you may require and pursue."

He also told Tuitubou their office in Wellington, New Zealand will assist Fiji in providing information to the ministry and also speed up their process to secure the coaches for the two sports.