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Lakhan set to lead Pacific Games for four more years, Tahiti, Solomons bid for 2023 Games

06 April 2016

SUVA, (FIJI TIMES) - Vidhya Lakhan is expected to hold his position as Pacific Games Council president for a further four years.

Lakhan revealed Tuesday that he had stood unopposed for the position hence his continuation in the role for the next four years.

He added that he had been in the executive position with the council since 2003 and has seen the Games evolve within a 12-year time span.

“I have seen the game virtually transform now with the inclusion of Australia and New Zealand as part of the Games and also used as a qualifying event for some of their athletes. We have received recognition from the International Olympic Committee as the Commonwealth Games Committee which sets us up as one of main competitions in the region. In putting the games we have also graned a stronger financial footing over the years,” he said.

Positions left vacant and are up for elections in the next Pacific Games Council General Assembly include vice-president sales and marketing, finance and accounts and VP Sports.

Meanwhile, Tahiti  and the Solomon Islands have been earmarked as possible venues for the 2023 Pacific Games.

Lakhan said the two nations had been the two nations that provided bids for to host the Games but that the final decision would rest with the General Assembly after their meeting next month.

“Protocol requires that we pay a visit to bidding countries and we visited both Tahiti and the Solomon Islands. We found that Tahiti has 70 per cent of their facilities ready. The Solomon Islands will have to build 80 percent of the structures to host the event,” he said.

He added that SI leaders had assured that they would be receiving funding that would allow them to build the relevant structures to host the event.

Lakhan said a report will be tabled at the General Assembly scheduled for next month whereby both nations will be given a time frame of 10 days to critique the report on the finds of the council on their suitability to host the Games.

The next PG is scheduled to be held in Tonga in 2019.