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PNGRFL condemns violence

29 August 2016

PORT MORESBY, (POST COURIER) ---- The PNG Rugby Football League has condemned the violence that took place after the Digicel Cup preliminary final between Mt Hagen Eagles and Agmark Gurias at the Sir John Guise stadium in Port Moresby.

The PNG NRL will bring those involved whether players, officials or spectators to answer for their unruly and disgraceful behavior. 

PNG RFL chairman Sandis Tsaka said after the Hunters and Falcons match at the National Football stadium that the PNGRFL Board will not tolerate any such unacceptable and disgraceful behavior. 

“Rugby league as a sport like all other sports is bigger than any one individual,” said Tsaka. 

He added the incident that happened after the game last Saturday is deplorable and disgusting to say the least.

“The actions of a very few whom every spectator and fans had their eyes on ignited this unnecessary violence,” said Tsaka. He said they will be working very closely with the PNG NRL to prosecute those individuals involved. 

“They have their judicial process to address this issue and we will allow them to do that,” 

“I am also contemplating convening an independent PNG RFL judiciary meeting this week to address this issue,” said Tsaka.

Tsaka has also asked for video footages of the match and the events that followed including reports from the referees and management of both teams. The incident has spread around the globe and Tsaka said international rugby league colleagues will be questioning the country’s rugby league reputations. 

“I apologise to every Papua New Guinean who follow the greatest game of all, our partners and stakeholders in particular for this very nasty incident,” said Tsaka. He said PNGRFL value the contributions to the developments of rugby and the instilling of confidence to host competitions in the country.

“Let us all look forward to a peaceful grand final this week between the Gurias and Lae Snax Tigers,” “We want to see families including mothers and children to attend and enjoy the greatest game of all-rugby league,” said Tsaka.


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