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Tura, the Kokomo begins official country tour

04 August 2014

Tura the Kokomo will visit each province in the country to tell the people about the 2015 Pacific Games and how they can be part of the excitement.

Tura has been busy meeting locals in NCD, Central and was in Kokopo, Rabaul and Tabubil in the last month.

In the next four months, the rest of the country will welcome the favourite Kokomo.

Acting Games Organising Committee CEO Clint Flood said Tura’s visit to the provinces reinforced how important every province of PNG was to the success of the Games.

“These Games belong to all Papua New Guineans.

“We want the Games to touch everyone across this country,” he said.

GOC marketing executive manager Ken Siminji, who will be leading the team across the country said: “Tura as our ambassador will help build the excitement of the Games.”

He said all major centres would get a chance to meet the official mascot of the Games and share in the experience.

“On this tour we will visit provincial governors and administrators to discuss the possibility of setting up live sites in major towns during Games time and to facilitate the Games relay as it goes through PNG in the three months leading up to the opening ceremony on July 4, 2015,” he added.

Tura left for Manus last Sunday.

Port Moresby (The National)