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Bilum bags to go with medals

14 May 2015

POST COURIER - Athletics Fiji in the 2015 Pacific Games will be presented with a Papua New Guinean bilum bag to go with their medals instead of the traditional bouquets at the medal ceremonies.

This is part of the Games Organising Committee’s vision to use the Games to showcase PNG’s classic and contemporary culture to the world.

Clint Flood, GOC Operations Executive Manager said, “We are changing things up to give it a 100 percent PNG flavour but still retaining the protocol of each. A lot of the usual things done at most medal presentations around the world will be replaced with cultural items from PNG.” 

Three women’s groups from Port Moresby and Goroka have been engaged to make up to 3000 bilums to be presented to athletes in over 250 medal ceremonies.

The weaving skills of more than 500 women through PNG Women in Business and Moresby Women Making Bilum Association in Port Moresby and Jauka Bilum Products from Goroka will be utilised under this arrangement.

The bilums will be smaller than the average sizes, each piece unique in design and style and will incorporate the Port Moresby 2015 colours of yellow, red, green, blue and white. Each Bilum piece will also come with a short biography of the weaver to add to the authenticity.

Flood added, “These medal ceremonies will be a spectacular display of Papua New Guinean culture. It is sure to impress all our visitors and make every Papua New Guinean proud.”

Other uniquely PNG flavoured aspects of the medal ceremonies will be revealed in the coming weeks.