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Footballers tested positive in UK

TWO local footballers in England have tested positive during their pre-departure test in England.

Risk profiles arrive 

A repatriation flight that arrived last night in the country has brought in a mixture of risk people.


Now homeless, jobless, face visa issue in Taiwan

Logger clarifies Abarafi logging issue 

CHIA Tai Enterprises Ltd logging company claimed the call to halt its logging operation on Abarafi tribal land is not right as an agreement was legally made between the company and the rightful landowner trustees.

Namo to lead North Guadalcanal

FOOTBALL Coach Jackson Namo will be leading the North Guadalcanal football team in the upcoming Guadalcanal Cup tournament.

Firisua pledges to fight for children’s issues

CENTRAL Honiara by-election contender Pauline Radoe Firisua says the constituency must take care of the needs of its children, youth, and women.

New signings for Eels

HENDERSON Eels FC will sign three new players for the second round of the Telekom S-league (TSL).


Alex Waimora’s dream for change

MPAs reconciled

The Members of the Malaita Provincial government had conducted a low key reconciliation ceremony amongst themselves after the assembly meeting at the greenhouse on 23rd October in Auki.

Togamana: SI needs advanced nursing practice

Ministry of Health and Medical Services stated that ‘Nursing in Solomon Island needs to consider advanced nursing practices and extended nursing roles’.  

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