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  • 09
  • Jun

PARENTS must take all precautionary measures to protect your children from diarrhoea.

  • 18
  • May

THE latest discovery of about 100 unexploded ordnance (UXOs) at Gilbert Camp in East Honiara is concerning but not surprising.

  • 05
  • May

TODAY in Honiara is the day the ground breaking of our national stadium will take place.

  • 04
  • May

May 3rd each year is a date which ‘World Press Freedom Day’ is celebrated. 

  • 10
  • Mar

DO you notice that Honiara City gets dirtier every year?

  • 09
  • Mar

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Vessel (RSIPV) AUKI left the country yesterday for its final resting place in Australia.

  • 08
  • Mar

TODAY is International Women’s Day.

  • 07
  • Mar

FORMER Police Commissioner, Frank Short shares his view on how Solomon Islands has benefitted from the Australian Defence Cooperation Program.

  • 03
  • Mar

DO we have traffic police within the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF)?

  • 01
  • Mar

THE country is currently in a wet session. As a result we have been experiencing bad weather over the past weeks.

  • 27
  • Feb

IN countries ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic, governments came up with schemes to keep the economy breathing. It was more or less keeping the economy on a life-support system. The idea is to ensure people remain at work.

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