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A job well done

30 May 2012

LATE last week the country was disturbed to learn that an inter-island was missing after it failed to reach its destination.

That marine vessel was Solfish 001.

It was on its way to the far eastern province of Temotu.

It left Honiara on Monday and was expected to arrive in Lata on Wednesday.

Come that day, there was no sign of the boat.

As of Thursday concerned relatives and the boat's management and owner have searched for any information to locate the boat.

The police, RAMSI and the search and rescue authority were alerted and a search mission was launched.

Day one of the mission returned unsuccessfully which had created so much mixed feeling. Many relatives were said to be sleepless and really worried since the news of the missing boat was relayed.

But the good news came on Saturday after the survivors were located thanks to the support of the Australian air-force and French air-force who stepped into assist.

The news of the finding bring so much joy to the family members, relatives, friends and the ship owner.

The most exciting news was that all of the 49 crews and passengers have survived and are now safe.

There were no serious casualties or death. The youngest was a one year child who was able to remain throughout the ordeal with the survivors.

This was a remarkable story.

They were rescued after nearly four days drifting in their lift rafts after their boat sunk on late Wednesday.

The reason for its sinking remains unknown and will be determined after investigation are carried out.

Despite loosing most of their belongings, the important thing was their lives were spared.

The effort by the boat's captain, his crew and the passengers must be commended which enable all of them to stay together and survived the ordeal until they are being located.

Over the past days relatives, family members, the Temotu province and the owner of the boat have praised the rescue effort which resulted in the successful location of the survivors.

Its a job well done by the responsible authorities and they deserve to be acknowledged for their fine effort.

This will go down the history as one of the successful rescue operation.

Thank you for your efforts.