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Students and suspected food poisoning

24 May 2012

IT is becoming a concern in the city with the increasing incident of students being ill as result of suspected food poisoning.

Over the past weeks there have been reports of students being ill after buying food from ladies selling at the school compound.

Many of these students have to seek medical attention at the clinics or at the national referral hospital as a result.

And this is a serious issue which schools and the Honiara city council through its health division must address.

Preparation of food is what the health division or the school must be strict at.

What is being sold at the school is the final product.

But its important to inspect where and how the foods are being prepared.

Not only that but the food ingredients that are being used should also be examined.

At the school the food should be kept away from flies.

These are some of the things which should be considered before issuing certificates to those preparing food for sell at the schools.

Recently we have students from Bishop Epalle, Mbokona and  this week Tuvaruhu which have fallen victim of alleged food poisoning.

No doubt there are other schools which face similar situation which were not reported.

Tackling such problem in our schools is a challenge and it needs an integrated approach to find a solution.

But for a now a simple solution is for parents to prepare food for our children at home every morning and then bring with them to school.

Its important to teach our children to eat local food, fruits and vegetables rather than to rely on junk and greasy food being sold at the schools and shops.

By preparing food for our own children we can help avoid such problems of suspected food poisoning at schools.

Thus, parents have a role to play in reducing such problems from affecting our children.

Why not start today.