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Tackling domestic violence

23 May 2012

IT seems like a never ending problem facing the country like elsewhere around the region and world.

Domestic violence especially against our young women and mothers seems to make a continuous upward trend.

And this should be a national concern.

No doubt there are many unreported cases relating to such problems.

Only a fraction have been reported to the police or responsible authorities.

But what about the many cases which have been happening out there in the rural communities and isolated places where there are no presence of law enforcement agencies.

Many of these female victims suffered in the hands of their husbands, uncles, relatives and those known to them.

This week the Christian Care Centre which had been a safe haven for many victims highlighted the increasing trend of domestic violence.

That is because they deal with victims who came to their centre for safety and counseling.

Sister Doreen Awaiasi who is in charge of this centre has revealed that every year the number is increasing.

Rape and incest victims are the most recorded cases the centre had received.

And most of them are young girls.

At the centre there mothers who were abused or received bad treatment from their husbands.

This is so sad for a country which has strong family connections and claimed to be a christian country.

And the victims had to live with the suffering and trauma all their lives.

There have been calls time and time again to address this problem of domestic violence. But it seems its not slowing down.

Why? The reasons for this problem is multiple and it cannot be addressed overnight.

Many victims fear for their lives and did not report such incidents because of threats from those who are doing this to them.

Victims facing such problems should take a stand with a strong conviction to report such matters.

They should be brave enough to report such incidents to the police at the first place.

By keeping the problem to themselves is not helpful because it just encourage those causing problem to continue and take advantage of the silence.

As a claimed christian country, churches, non-government organizations must also take an active role in addressing this problem.

Solutions must be sought soon through every body's contribution.

The fight against addressing domestic violence is not over yet and it requires greater responsibility and action to deal with this.