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Thankful to our donors

19 May 2012

The country this week received good news with funding assistance from two of our donor partners.

First is the Australian government announcing a SBD$1.8 billion in funding assistance.

This is part of an Australian bilateral aid program to Solomon Islands and as part of the Australian Government’s overall commitment to the region.

The break down of the funding saw bilateral aid program amounts to AUD70.3 million (SBD528.6), aid contributions to RAMSI of approximately AUD144.9 million (SBD1.09 billion) and Pacific regional and global programs of an estimated AUD24.2 million (SBD181.9 million).

This is a huge contribution for the country.

The funding was announced last week as part of the Australian Government’s budget for the 2012-13 financial year.

Australia’s aid program is focused on four areas: saving lives, promoting opportunities for all, sustainable economic development and effective governance.

Under the Solomon Islands – Australia Partnership for Development, this covers health and education services, economic infrastructure such as transport and urban water and sanitation, livelihoods and economic and financial policy reform.

Looking at the allocation, contribution to RAMSI amounts to more than a billion dollar.

It shows Australian's concern for RAMSI's operation in the country.

Australia's commitment to the regional mission here is important for the country as it continues to restore law and order while transforming the local police force to an organisation which its people can have more confidence in it.

Not only RAMSI but there are other projects which will benefit from this Australian funding.

And we acknowledged the Australian government for this funding.

Then we have the Republic of China (ROC) which released $13.8 million as the first tranche of the ‘2012 ROC funding support’ to 46 constituencies in the country.

This funding aims to help the rural people and lift their standard of living.

The Taiwan funding covers three areas which included ROC Support to Constituency Development (RSCD), ROC Constituency Micro-Project Fund (RCMPF) and Millennium Development Fund (MDF).

With the funding now made available to the country and its people, its a good news.

Citizen of this nation must know these funds is meant to help them improve their lives.

Lets hope with these funds, more tangible projects and activities worth the amount of funding announced is being implemented to help the country and its people will be implemented for this year.

 Thanks to our two donors for the latest support.