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Respect the reconciliation ceremony

30 April 2012

FINALLY conflicting parties to the recent unrest had come together to put the tension at ease following a reconciliation ceremony over the weekend.

The ceremony came a week after a senior government officer and diplomat was allegedly attacked by a group of men in the early hours of Saturday morning near the Honiara central market.

That incident had caused so much reaction and was widely condemned locally and international by fellow citizens.

That incident resulted in retaliation and creating fear amongst the Honiara residents since then.

More so, the family of the victim was affected by the loss.

The incident also puts into question safety in the city during the night.

The reconciliation ceremony on Saturday has now put to ease the tense situation affecting both parties.

Since the incident there was fear which also restricted movement to one of the concern party.

But after much discussion both parties have finally come together to settle the problem.

Four people have been charged over the incident and are now awaiting sentencing.

Leaders from both parties should be acknowledged for finding a way to finally put the uneasiness to rest.

This ceremony calls for peace and calm while allowing the police and the law to take its course.

Our cultural ways of dealing and handling problems through such a reconciliation ceremony is an added bonus for this nation.

Often when there are problems happening between two ethnic groups or communities our traditional ways of resolving problems has played an important role to ease tension amongst the conflicting parties.

And this was displayed in this latest ceremony.

The ceremony means there the recent incident should not cause any more retaliation or problems between the two parties.

It calls for peace and calm.

Its time to forgive, and leave the incident behind and let the law deals with those involved in the incident.

Our national, provincial, traditional, church and youth leaders should also be commended for their recognition in spearheading such a ceremony.

The city and its residents should now be relieved so that they can move around and do their business without much fear.