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Step up the security at our airport

04 April 2012

The security breach over the weekend at the Honiara international terminal is no laughing matter.

It had occurred when the airport was busy and packed with passengers coming in and going out of the country.

Two aircrafts were on the tarmac that day.

It would have been catastrophic if fire broke out as fuel and other flammable items were close by.

That incident caught many passengers both locals and foreigners by surprise.

It was a peaceful day for many because it was a Sunday.

Indeed a lot of them might have panic when the incident occurred.

This incident had indeed tested the level of security at our international terminal and airport.

It had exposed the weakness of the system in place at the international terminal.

Where are the security officers during that time.

Is it because it’s a weekend and so no-one was on duty?

Honiara international airport continues to experience daily flights during the week and there are hundreds of passengers passing through our terminal.

A lot of people usually visited the international terminal each day to send their loved-ones and friends off. While others welcome their relatives and friends back home.

And so it’s a busy place at certain times. Thus the presence of security personell should be at the terminal area at all times.

Fortunately police were quick to respond to apprehend the man who is now under police custody.

It’s a serious act which should not be tolerated.

What happened calls for extra security measures in place to avoid such things from happening again.

Stakeholders must now look at ways to improve security measures at the international terminal.

The safety of all passengers and the public must be placed at high priority.

With more international visitors coming into the country for the Oceania Nations Cup in June and then in July for the festival of pacific arts, responsible authorities has a lot for work to do to ensure tough security measures are in place.

Our visitors expect high security protection as they touched down at the international airport, likewise when they returns to their respective countries.

The act by the man who is now being apprehended by the police as a suspect is just similar to a terrorist move, although it was caused by domestic family matters.

But his intention is bad.

The security breach is a concern to the relevant authorities and everyone which must be addressed.

Sunday’s incident should never be repeated again, never.

Step up the security level so that our international airport and terminal can comply with the international standards.

It’s a lesson learnt.