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Traffic jam a nightmare

17 February 2012

ITS a problem that is getting from bad to worse now.

Take a drive through the Honiara City during peak time and you would be lucky enough to reach Point Cruz from the China Town within ten minutes because of the traffic congestion.

Its a headache for many drivers and commuters who are driving and traveling in and out of the city.

This is because of only one main road in and out of the central business district.
Its a problem that is sure to grow.

But who is to be blamed for this problem?

May be this is because of lack of vision and planning by previous authorities.

The problem now is that the country is getting more vehicles nearly every week from overseas with most of them second hand vehicles.

Yet our roads were never expanded.

Its undeniable that this is the most contributing factor to the overcrowding of our roads these days.

The challenge for our authorities now is to look for solutions inorder to control the number of vehicles on our roads.

Some of the options have been shared by government through the control of vehicle imports and building of new roads.

Like any other countries, Honiara city should have an alternative or back road from the city.

Though it may be a challenge for this city given the geographical landscape, authorities must take up the task.

And planning must start now.

There should be no time to waste given the influx of vehicles coming into the country.

This problem of daily congestion is affecting alot of people who are late to arrive at work, school and then return to their homes.

Because of this traffic jams it had also forced the public buses to make short runs to avoid wasting time in the congestion.

This problem of congestion is no doubt contributing to alot of problems to many families.

Because of transport delay, many parents are not able to arrive home on time from work to cook dinner for their children and even spent time with them.

Not only that but its time the new Mataniko bridge should have a double lane which also contribute to this hold up every day at China town.

A lot of drivers have complained over this problem daily and its time to act before things get out of control on our roads.