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Positive result from Tina River Hydro welcoming

12 December 2011

Its good to know from reports that the second phase of the feasibility studies conducted at the Tina River Hydro project is producing good result.

As the Minister for Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification Moses Garu has described, this is encouraging and significant for the country and its future.

Now that the study had produced positive results, the country can now move forward to get this important project into reality.

This is because the proposed hydro project is viable and will provide an economic energy investment in the years to come.

Its equally important to get the project going to the next level.

This news should give opportunity for international investors to come in to help with the work.

But some work needs to be done first. Thus support from all stake holders is very much important.

Like the minister had stressed it is essential vital that studies into environmental and social impact as well as land acquisition must be taken to advance the progress of the project.

The country had relied so much on diesel generator to provide energy.

The use of fossil fuel is not good for this country. This is because of cost and pollution.

We need to have a more successful future by investing in a cheaper, cleaner and reliable energy.

And the hydro power project could replace fifty percent of the country’s current diesel use which costs the country around $420 million annually.

And this is indeed a huge cost which continue to affect the only power supplier in the country – Solomon Islands Electricity Authority (SIEA).

At the end of the line are the customers which are continued to be hit by the increasing electricity bill as a result of increase cost of fuel and operations.

But getting this important project up and running will create greater opportunities for the people and major operations and development happening in the country.

Thus, its important that donor partners have seen the report and will be able to continue render support.

We also acknowledged World Bank for its commitment to get the country going with its plans to turn into hydro-power in the years to come.

The landowners should also be praised for having recognized the importance of having this important project.

In the meantime this good news should be a boost to the government to fulfill its dreams to bring better, cheaper and clean energy to residents of Honiara and parts of Guadalcanal and the many other major developments taking place in Central Guadalcanal.