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"Bloody ridge" plaque removal

15 August 2017

OVER the weekend some narrow-minded people decided to remove the engraved plaque to honour our locals who have played a part in the second world war Guadalcanal campaign.

Its an act of betrayal by some people believed to be locals who may have been part of the event or may have visited the monument last week after its launching.

Then over the weekend, this selfish individual or group decided to pull out the engraved plate.

Indeed its a shameful act because alot of time, money, resources, work and energy have been injected into erecting this monument more so the engraved words on the plate.

It was supposed to be a monument where locals and tourists can visit to see where heavy fighting took place and many have lost their lives.

Yet, some people who have no sense of pride and respect decided to get rid of the plaque just over a week after it was officially unveiled by the Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare.

This is not a good news to our overseas friends who have been part of the important program last week.

This act tarnishes our name as a country because of some people’s bad attitude.

Its a state property and removing such an item is disgraceful and shows lack of respect.

Given the incident, its time such important facility must be protected through proper fencing so that no one can enter these important state property and do illegal activities.

There is assurance that fencing will be erected once funding become available.

But for now, its important to locate the missing plaque.

We’ll leave that to the police to deal with it through their investigation process.

The public must also assist the police in providing information should they have any information about this missing property.

Those responsible must make sure they face the full brunt of the law.

Not only that but police must also reveal the culprit(s) to the public so that we know who is doing such act and for what reason.

This incident means as law abiding citizens we must learn to respect state property.

Educate our youths and children about the importance of respect.

In that way it helps to develop and respectful community, society and nation.