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We want roads we can take pride in

12 January 2018

GOOD to hear work to repair the poor state of Honiara roads will be carried out in coming weeks.

That’s the assurance acting Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID) Jimmy Nuake gave Thursday.

We hope the upgrading working will be done sooner rather than later.

Because right now, the state of the roads are so bad, that they become a disgrace to Honiara as our capital city.

We also hope that whatever upgrading work that will be carried out will not just be filling up of potholes but will involve the resealing of the roads.

Vehicle owners and the travelling public have suffered far too long driving on sub-standard roads.

They’ve demonstrate patience despite the situation.

But they don’t deserve this. They deserve something much better than the trash they’re driving on.

After all, they are the tax payers. It is their taxes that feed the government coffers.

Lack of money should not be an excuse for not maintaining the roads.

Because individuals and businesses have been faithfully paying their taxes to the government.

It is the government that has failed to use those tax monies to maintain the roads.

So let’s commend Mr Nuake for giving us a heads-up on what his ministry is doing and is going to do in relation to the state of our roads.

Information like that are important to keep our people aware of what their government is doing or is going to do.

So let’s look forward to the upcoming road work.

We have had enough of the pothole-filled road.

We want to see roads that we can take pride in and enjoy driving on.



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