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Good work police

29 May 2014

POLICE on Wednesday made a break through with the arrest of a suspect who was said to be a main player in the May 16th rioting and looting at King George area and beyond.

Another instigator was the man who started the fire which resulted in the burning of Uncle Alick shop.

The two main players are now in police custody and will be interrogated the investigation team.

And this means, once the two men released the names of those who were also involved in the incident, more rioters and robbers will be hunted down by the police.

The arrest shows a lot of hard-work done by the investigation team with the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) with the support of PPF.

To those who have been taken part in the riot and looting, be warned that police are coming after you once more information are released to them. You cannot get away with it.

Police last night said they more suspects will be invited and questioned.

The incident which happened as a result of frustration by some flood victims had cost many businesses and resources.

Honiara is a small community and when such things happen it causes fear and panic especially for the mother and children.

The country is currently going through a process of recovery, rebuilding and rehabilitation following the ethnic crisis, April 2006 riot and the recent disasters.

Therefore such an incident is costing us with loss of time and resources. On the economic side, its a setback for the country because investors would not be comfortable to come in and do business with us because of poor law and order situation we have.

Therefore parents, teachers, elders, chiefs, pastors and national leaders have a lot of work to do inorder to educate our children and youths about respect and honour.

On the other hand, the government must ensure there is economic activities happening in various parts of the country to avoid the increasing rate of urbanisation into city.

Most of those that are involved in the rioting and looting are jobless youths who have nothing to worry about and are opportunists who wants to get something as well get some attention.

In the meantime lets continue to support our police as they continue to do their job. If you have any information about the recent incident please do not hesitate to contact them today.