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Let’s make Prince Charles feel at home

22 November 2019
[Photo: Hugo Burnand - Royal UK]

PRINCE Charles arrives tomorrow evening in Honiara and leaves on Monday afternoon.

This is a significant visit because this man is the future King of England.

He’ll succeed the throne when his mother, Queen Elizabeth, dies.

As a member of the Commonwealth, Queen Elizabeth is our head of state. She is represented here by the Governor General.

So when Prince Charles succeeds his mother, he automatically becomes our head of state.

That is how important this visit is.

While here, Prince Charles will participate in a number of engagements.

On Sunday, he’ll attend a special church service at St Barnabas Cathedral in the morning, and later participate in a wreath laying ceremony at the Scouts and Coastwatchers Memorial in the afternoon.

On Monday, he’ll address the National Parliament before launching the Solomon Islands Ocean Policy and Malaria Elimination Roadmap at a ceremony to be held at Lawson Tama stadium.

He’ll then visit the headquarters of the Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) before flying out of the country in the afternoon.

In preparation for Prince Charles’ arrival, the Honiara City Council has organised a major clean-up of the city today.

The clean-up, according to city clerk Rence Sore, will take place from Henderson in the east to White River, west of the city.

Here’s what Sore has to say:

 “We are very fortunate to receive His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales in our city. 

“As such, in welcoming him, it is important that we welcome him to a city that is clean and tidy. 

“As responsible citizens, we should be proud of our city and therefore ensure to keep our city clean at all times.”

The royal visit may not mean much to many who are struggling to make ends meet. However, let’s welcome Prince Charles and make him feel at home.

And let’s all work together with organisers and other authorities to make this visit a truly memorable one for the future King of England.