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Let’s live for each other at this time

27 March 2020

AS we wait for the Government to announce further actions it will take to combat the coronavirus during the state of public emergency, let’s be vigilant and on alert.

Yes, were are yet to record a case. But this may be only a matter of time.

With the way the virus has been spreading, the worst has not come yet.

We need to be ready. We need all hands on deck to manage the crisis in an event of an outbreak.

Remember the threats are not just about our health.

It’s also on the economy, family, personal finances, food security, etc…

The Government and health authorities can only do much. 

It’s the mass that must stand shoulder to shoulder in this war against the coronavirus.

This is an impending crisis that is bigger than anything we’ve ever encountered as a nation and people.

Let’s put aside our self-interest, selfish aspirations, and greed. This is not the time for it.

Our nation. Our people. We are all vulnerable.

This threat, which is imported, is bound to affect every facet of our society.

This is why we have to prepare well for the onslaught.

We have to support our health workers, our police and other authorities by adhering to simple instructions. 

Those who can read, it is our responsibility to educate our families and communities. 

This is not the time to ask for pay or risk allowances when our own families are at risk. 

This is not the time to raise the prices of goods for short term profit. 

Those same customers you want to take advantage of are the same ones who will help you grow back your business. 

We have to be compassionate beyond what we have ever been.

Support each other. Live for each other.

If there’s a time when we must come together as a people and nation, it is now.

Together, we can face the coronavirus!