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The World Cup is here – Enjoy it

13 June 2014

THE 2014 World Cup is here – host Brazil taking on Croatia in the opening match.

This brings an end to the long wait of the nation’s football lovers, who have been eagerly waiting to see their teams and stars shine out on the world stage.

We thank Our Telekom for bringing the tournament free and live right into our homes.

The World Cup is FIFA’s showpiece – a tournament that brings the world together every four years.

And so for the next 30, let’s sit down and enjoy what 2014 World Cup has to offer.

We are still a long way away from reaching that level. But as a soccer-loving nation, all we can do now is enjoy the show and learn something from it.

2014 World Cup promises to bring more than just fun and entertainment.

Spain, the current champions, will be putting everything down to defend their title.

Host Brazil, the spiritual home of soccer, will be vying to extend their record to sixth.

That all the eight world champion teams have qualified for the present competition would obviously create extra interest in the great sport event.

Sports of all kinds are usually a unifying force. It is more so with football tournament.

People irrespective of colours, custom and creeds, though grouped into different supporter clubs, will for the moments forget whatever differences they might have and will enjoy the matches together.

Their hearts will dance with the win or fall of their favourite teams and dazzling performance or collapse of their soccer heroes; they will debate over the likely new champion yet will remain united as good football fans.

Though our nation is nowhere close to reaching the world stage, our people, especially youths, take a great interest in the FIFA world cup tournament.

The world cup fever has gripped football lovers here.

There have been intense discussions on the streets, homes, schools, and on social media.

It’s all about soccer – the game we all loved.

Let’s sit down and enjoy the show.

And may the best team wins.