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Young rape victims must be protected

08 February 2021

THERE is a growing perception that rape cases amongst young girls in our communities are on the rise.

This perception appears to be true, judging by the number of cases being brought before the court in recent times and a number of reports released by police. 

There are no figures to support one way or the other that rape cases amongst young girls are on the increase.

This is probably because those dealing with this silent cancer eating away at the fabrics of our society are not willing to talk about this openly and freely. This is understandable given that incidents of rapes are too shameful to talk about.

But keeping quiet about it does not help anyone. It only fuels the incidents.

In this regard, those young girls and their relatives who summoned the courage to report cases of rapes must be supported not only in words but by deeds. Those in authority ought to take a hard line on this scourge on society. 

It is the only line of defence against rapes, which sometimes also occurred in the homes.

The actions taken by victims in reporting rape cases show the young girls hate the attack. They are not prepared to allow the violation of their rights to live and move around freely. They believe the perpetrators who show little regard and respect for others, particularly the young girls, ought to be punished for the crime.

The courage they have shown in reporting rape cases is an appeal to authorities for help. Indirectly, they are calling on authorities including law enforcement agencies to get tough on perpetrators. 

Churches too must play an active role in helping victims to overcome the trauma the young girls must have experienced in such an attack. The government should help provide funding support for trauma training for counselors.

Rapes will not go away. That is the reality. But a combined effort by communities and their leaders can help ease the trauma suffered by the victims. There are so many communities and their leaders can do in addressing this problem.