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Don’t ignore weather warning

01 March 2021

THE country is currently in a wet session. As a result we have been experiencing bad weather over the past weeks.

The weather office has continued to issue weather advice and warning about the current bad weather in the country over the past weeks.

At the moment there is a low trough near the Renbel province.

And because of that parts of the country had been experiencing heavy showers, associated with strong wind and rough seas. 

Over the weekend the low pressure system had passed through the southern part of the country.

And because of that we will continue to experience bad weather.

Please do not forget that along with this bad weather there will rainfalls, flooding of low lying areas have been experienced. Some areas will get to experience landslide.

Landslide is common problem facing many homes.

Those people intending to travel out in the seas to fish or travel across to the provinces by boat should also reconsider their plans given this current weather situation.

In times like this, its important to listen to the radio and other media outlets for further information and advice about our weather.

We are not sure when this current bad weather will last but its better to be prepared at all times.

Our Weather office had issued a number of warnings since last week and its important to take note of the advice.

Now that we are in the cyclone season, we will expect such unfavourable weather condition.

Always listen to our weather office for advice.

However, there are people who continue to ignore advice from our weather office.

We’ve had incidents of people gone missing at seas because they continue to travel when they know the weather is unfavourable.

Recently we have people who gone missing for a month in Temotu.

With God’s protection, they were able to reach Vanuatu and are now safe.

Over the weekend a boat with passengers went missing between Honiara and Ngella on Saturday.

Search was conducted for them yesterday and its unclear if they are found.

The weather on Saturday was unfavourable as well.

According to the weather office, the country is likely to continue experiencing heavy rain, strong wind and rough seas.

Therefore, its important to be on alert with the weather outlook.