10 June 2021

IF someone should ask you where this beloved country of ours is headed, what would you say?

Put it another way, do you believe our system of governance – from the three pillars of government, the Parliament, the Executive and the Judiciary – is still intact? Or do you see signs of ‘wear and tear” so to speak appearing all over the place?

Do you see smokes here and there?

The truth is that no one really knows where the country is headed. It is fair to say the country has lost its bearings as greed takes hold. Increasingly, it is now one for himself.

Our elected representatives are now finding it very difficult to manage their constituencies, let alone represent and protect their interests, which include resources.

Our growing population is groaning. No one seems willing to speak out on any matters anymore. The floor of parliament is no longer what it was intended by the fathers of our Constitution. 

Instead of debating issues that matter, the level of debates has disappeared. It can only get worse. 


The focus has shifted in the last 10 years. Instead of using the floor of Parliament to debate issues for the common good, the floor of Parliament has been reduced to discussing how much money should allocated to the infamous RCDF grants, which goes through politicians’ hands. 

Some are doing a jolly good job of it in terms of developing communities in their Constituencies.

Sadly, that could not be said of all 50 MPs.

In the judiciary, the system appears to be spinning into a mockery. For example, established rules for the conduct of court hearings are no longer adhered to, let alone enforced. 

Another glaring example is the disrespect the Court of Appeal received from the High Court. 

In a recent case, a judge has taken upon himself to rehear a matter that had been conclusively decided by the Court of Appeal, the highest court in the land. The High Court has no jurisdiction to do so. Where is the leadership that once made the judiciary the most revered institution in the land?

Where does this leave the Executive government? The Executive appears to have broken down into a bubble of confusion, resulting in guess work by the governed in determining the direction the country is headed.

If there is one thing holding this country together, it is the praying Christians – no more nor less.