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Support to empower our rural women

24 June 2014

Last week womens group from in and around Gizo in the Western province celebrated their achievement after establishing savings club in their various communities.

There have been success stories of the positive results that have been reaped from the seeds that they have planted through the little money that these women have saved.

Dr Alice Pollard who is founder of the Rokotanikeni womens saving club from West Are’Are, Malaita province was the chief guest at the celebration.

And she highlighted the importance of engaging women in financial services.

She noted that allowing women to engage in such initiative helps to empower our rural women in the country to improve their standard of living and bring changes to their communities.

With the country’s economy depending very much on subsistance economy, it is crucial for more women to participate in such initiative because a majority of contributors to our economy are rural women.

Theres no doubt women spent their lives daily producing goods that the subsistance economy depends on for their livelihood.

Therefore they need to be supported in whatever activities they wish to enage in.

Dr Pollard stressed that if only women are economically empowered, they can do amazing things for their families and communities.

And that’s true.

Many of our women are great managers in their own right having to manage everything in their families and ensure everything is just right.

So engaging them in business activities and involving them in such schemes like the savings club, will impact positively to their livlihood as well as to their families and our economy.

Our leaders should also realise the importance of supporting womens savings club in our rural because of the wonderful stories and benefit this initiative had brought about to our rural women.

By having such savings club, it offers the opportunities for our rural women to save whatever little money they have earned through the sales of their market produce, handy crafts and fish.

And overnight such savings can grow. Through that saving they can meet some of their needs such as school fee and household items such as water tanks, solar and so forth in the future.

Therefore more initiatives, awareness and promotional activities should be made to allow our rural women to start up their own savings club today.

So why not start thinking about this initiative today for your own communities.