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Why do we neglect Kukum?

02 July 2014

OF all the streets in Honiara, the shop fronts along Kukum Highway are the most neglected.

There, you see plastics and all sorts of litters lying around as though it was nobody’s business.

Some of these litters have been there for months, compressed against the ground.

While the Honiara City Council had engaged various groups to clean up the streets at night, this particular portion of our city was not part of the clean-up exercise.

And so as you walk or drive past Kukum, the dirt and the uncleanliness of this part of Honiara stared glaringly at you.

Why is the Honiara City Council neglecting Kukum? And why are the shop owners in this popular shopping area showing no interest at all in cleaning up their shopfronts?

Can the Honiara City Council and the shop owners put their acts together and remove all the mess that have been lying there uncollected for months?

On its part, the council should include Kukum shop fronts under the night cleaning exercise.

This is to ensure the streets are cleaned daily.

The shop owners too should at least show their civic responsibility as corporate citizens.

If you see trash piling up around your premise, common sense should drive you to exercise your civic responsibility by removing and safely disposing those trash.

By doing that, you are showing the public that you are a caring and responsible corporate citizen.

The opposite would be true if you fail to act as was the case thus far.

Can the council and the shop owners do something about this as soon as possible?

Next week is our 36th independence anniversary.

Joining us will be a group of Pacific islands ministers who will be here for the economic ministers meeting.

Our visitors would definitely be surprised if they see the state Kukum is currently in. Are you not embarrassed?

The public too are reminded to be responsible for the city.

The inundation of litter on the Kukum roadside was a result of people’s carelessness and lack of pride in their city.

If we all care to dispose our trash in their right place, our streets would be cleaner than what we are seeing now.

Or do we want Honiara to keep carrying the label “the dirtiest city of the Pacific”?