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Why damage our water supply?

02 September 2014

ONE of the most important facilities that should be respected by all is our water supply infrastructure.

We know the importance of water to us. Water is life. Without it, we all will die.

So it begs the questions:

Why would some people opt to cause damage to water facilities that were built to benefit residents of Honiara?

What have these facilities done to them that they wanted to destroy them?

Do they have anything better to do than causing destruction to a public facility that was donated to us for free?

The Honiara Water Supply Project, built by the Japanese Government, will be handed over to Solomon Water next week.

It was a multi-million dollar project, funded and built by the tax-payers of Japan, at no cost to the government and people of Solomon Islands.

The least expected of us is to sincerely accept and care for it.

But while the project is yet to be handed to our care, the vandals are already hard at work.

Just last week, they attempted to scale the high security fence JICA built around one of the bore-holes at Borderline in east Honiara.

When they could not get in, they used some kind of objects to damage the cables and other connections inside the fence.

What people would do that to a facility that was built to help them? This mindless action is beyond comprehension.

What’s more, this particular bore-hole was built right in the Borderline community. Yet, the community’s leaders and residents would not even raise a finger to tell those vandals off.

Honiara residents also need to remember this.

The city’s water supply is operated on a pay-per-user basis. It is not free. If you want to water connect to your home, you have to pay for the connection and the amount of water your family consumes in a month.

And because everyone else is paying, no one should be getting water for free. We all must pay so that Solomon Water can use the money to maintain and run its service.

If you don’t get a connection to your home, you have no right to go and damage the source of water that everyone else is relying on.

It is criminal and illegal.

Let’s respect our public facilities. They cost a lot of money to build them.

Those who bent on destroying public facilities, such as our water supply system, should be exposed and reported to the police.

For they are liabilities to our already over-stretched and over-crowded city.