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Rest in peace innocent one!

08 April 2015

A PHOTO of a fully-formed dead baby was posted on social media yesterday.

It was a gruesome and heart-breaking photo of an innocent child who, unfortunately, was not given a chance to have a go in life.

Police believed the baby – eight to nine months old and freshly delivered – had been pulled out from a shallow grave by dogs.

A female student, believed to be the mother of the baby, has been arrested in relation to the discovery. She is in police custody.

We feel for the innocent baby and the young student mother.

It must be a very difficult and traumatic time for this young girl. It’s a crime and a painful experience she’ll have to live with for the rest of her life.

Understandably, she will come under heavy public criticism and condemnation. Many on social media are already doing that since photo of the baby was posted online.

This is not the first case of its kind here. A number of similar cases have happened before.

Killing an innocent child is a crime that the community must never tolerate. It is also a crime that the community must be united to prevent from happening.

We don’t know what the situation was like for this young girl while carrying the baby during her pregnancy.

Perhaps she was trying to conceal her pregnancy from her relatives by deliberately killing the baby when giving birth.

Perhaps she was too ashamed to face the reality of being a student getting pregnant.

Whatever the situation is, girls need to know and realise that killing your baby is not a solution to your predicament.

In fact, killing a baby to conceal a situation should never be an option.

Girls, if you find yourself in such situation, don’t ever think this is the end of your world.

There’s always help around!

If you cannot face your parents with your situation, look for a trusted aunty, a cousin, a best friend, or an elder of your community.

Otherwise, we have church pastors, counsellors, and women’s groups that you can approach to assist you deal with your situation.

You should never keep your problems to yourself because there’s always help around.

We live in a closely-knitted community.

Situations like killing an innocent baby should never happened if we learn to keep share our problems and predicaments with each other.

Remember there’s always help around.

May the soul of that innocent baby find eternal rest with the Lord!