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And now, the recovery process is underway

12 April 2014

THE disaster recovery stage is underway.

Last week’s devastating floods claimed more than 20 lives, affected 52,000 people, and left behind a trail of unimaginable destruction.

Latest figures from the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) showed approximately 9,400 people are currently living in 21 welfare centres in Honiara.

NDMO says up to 52,000 people have been affected – 12,000 in Honiara and 40,000 on Guadalcanal.

Detailed technical assessment at flood-hit areas in Honiara and Guadalcanal has started.

Key sectors that will be assessed include infrastructure, agriculture, shelter, education, health, environment, marine, land use and planning, geology, water resources and commerce.

The assessment will assist authorities such as NDMO determine the scale and magnitude of the disaster.

It will also help the national government when it comes to allocating disaster relief assistance to the various sectors.

All these will take a while to do. We have to be patient as authorities spearhead these processes.

As the chairman of NDMO rightly pointed out yesterday, the current recovery process will need the cooperation of everyone.

This is no easy time for us. It is a trying time for everyone.

The damages, losses, and pain were overwhelming. But we must be vigilant if we are to get over this tragic situation.

It’s no time to point finger, and no time to play the blame-game.

Those who have suffered must know the nation is with you. Every Solomon Islander is doing their bit to assist you recover from the loss.

Together as a nation, we must rise beyond the flooded waters that devastated our city last week and focus on the future.