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Police must act on traffic congestion

09 April 2014

POLICE and relevant authorities must take drastic steps to address the current traffic congestion in Honiara.

The situation since the devastating floods hit the city last Thursday is unacceptable.

The road is heavily congested, so much so, that it now takes more than two hours by car to travel from Kukum to Point Cruz.

The situation was a result of damages to the two Mataniko bridges by the floods. The old Mataniko bridge has gone, while the two-lane one was severely damaged, reducing it to a one-lane bridge.

Police have been appealing to private vehicle owners to leave their cars home and use public transport.
But no seems to be listening.

Instead, by 8am each day, we see vehicles coming in numbers and sitting in long queues from Chinatown to Kukum in the east, and from Chinatown to Point Cruz in the west.

So no one is taking heed of the call.

Since we are in a disaster situation, the police have to act decisively to address the situation.

It should be issuing orders at this time that all private vehicles be garaged at homes. Such an order must be enforced by setting up road blocks at major inter-sections within the city.

Those that have no business to do in town must be turned back and told to use buses or taxis.

Only public transport and designated vehicles that have jobs to do be allowed on the road.

This should be a temporary measure until such time the two-lane Mataniko bridge is fixed.

As it is now, the traffic situation is risky should an emergency situation arises on our congested roads.

We cannot continue to allow such risks to persist when we have already suffered enough as a result of the floods.

Some people may not like the police or government restricting their movement in their vehicles.

But this is a disaster situation that requires some drastic measures in order to control our traffic situation.

It’s a time authorities need to put their feet on the ground.