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A terrible tragedy indeed

28 March 2014

THE search for the Isabel father wanted over the death of his daughter ended in a terribly tragedy yesterday.

That was after police found his body hanging from a tree in the highlands of Isabel.

Police believed the father committed suicide.

The father escaped after allegedly stabbing his daughter three times on the chest during an argument, Monday last week.

 Police say the argument stemmed from a relationship the girl was having with a man, which the father was unhappy about.

The girl died a day later at Buala Hospital.

This was a double tragedy for the family concern. To lose two members of the family in such unimaginable and horrific manner is shocking.

The mother and her other children would need all the support they could get at this time from relatives, church leaders, and chiefs of the village.

Already, women’s groups have stepped out to condemn the actions of the father that led to the death of his daughter.

That is expected.

This is a clear case of violence against women – an issue Solomon Islands was notorious for.

So we expect women’s groups – here and abroad – to condemn the actions of the father.

This case again highlighted the risk women and girls face even in their own homes.

It also highlighted the need for men to control their temper even when it is tested to the core.

That out-of-control anger could lead to the death of someone we should be caring for and love in our own homes.

As the UN Women Pacific rightly pointed out, violence against women is preventable.

We can avoid it by taking control of our temper and seek amicable solutions to disputes arising in the family.