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Lets fight corruption in the country

11 February 2014

FORMER Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare on Monday said its time to fight corruption in the country.

It’s a problem which is causing a lot of problem in the country and slows down development from taking place.

It was also described as a cancer to the development of the society, eating away the resources of the country through dirty dealings and bad decisions.

And one way to start the fight is to elect the right leaders into Parliament so that decisions are made wisely and resources used accordingly.

And that opportunity will come when the national general election is held later this year or early next year.

It’s the people’s vote that will determine which leader will represent them to make the right decisions for the country and move the country forward.

This nation had suffered enough from the hands of some of our leaders who failed to see the need to serve the country but rather their own pocket.

Some of their decisions and actions have resulted in development failing to happen.

As such the East Choiseul Member of Parliament (MP) is calling on the nation’s citizen to look for a leader who has a vision, determine to bring changes to this country and is educated.

The country does not want leaders who are being elected into Parliament just to help themselves with tax payers’ money for their own benefit.

There are some leaders who have struggled to develop this country and they should be commended for fighting to what is right for the country.

The country has received so much funds which should have developed this country, but the actions of some of our leaders have remained an obstacle.

Its time that our people are better educated to make wise decision and to decide on a right leader to represent them.

More awareness should start now to educate our people how to find a better leader for their constituencies and the nation as a whole.

It may not come easy to decide on a leader but its important to take time and study the actions of our aspiring leaders.

Its important to use your own judgement to decide on a right leader rather being influenced by others or money.

The fight against corruption should be the responsible of each and everyone of us today for the good of our nation in the years ahead.