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The report on the short bus route

04 February 2014

The 2014 academic year has kicked off once again.

And this means, more working people and students are commuting each day through the public transport system to their work place and school respectively.

In light of the demand for public transport system in Honiara, most bus drivers and their conductors have once again played their game by running the short trips in an attempt to maximise their intake for each day.

This in turn has affected daily commuters to dig a little deeper into their pocket to pay a little extra in order to reach their destination.

Not only that, but it cost their time which resulted in late arrivals at their school and work place.

This problem related to the short bus route has been there for years.

It was last year, as part of seeking solutions to this ever growing problem, a select committee had been formed through the Act of Parliament to listen to the public and stakeholders their concerns and to find solutions to this problem.

2013 has gone. Now we are in 2014. Yet the report is not made available. While it may take time for the report to complete, the public needs some answers and assurance from the responsible committee.

Yesterday one of the concern groups has asked the select committee and those responsible about the report.

The outcome of the report is important so action can be taken. The public out there have the right to ask for the report because its an issue which affects them daily especially those in Honiara.

Very soon, the current government will be dissolved.

Therefore its important that the report is completed on time and some solutions are sought as soon as possible to address the problem of short bus routes in Honiara.

In the meantime, lets wait for some answers from the committee responsible.