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Increasing use of illegal drugs

04 February 2014

THE abuse of such drugs like marijuana and alcohol related products like Kwaso (homebrew) in the country is not declining.

The increasing problem can be attributed to increasing unemployed youths which our education system and the work force cannot absorbed each year.

Last month several hundreds of youths have dropped out of the education system.

They have no where to continue their education or place to work to make their own living.

And it’s a problem many societies are facing today.

Because they are jobless and aimless, they ended up doing illegal activities.

Socially, some of them do resort to excessive use of drugs like marijuana and other things like kwaso (homebrew).

Using of such dangerous products do affect their physical health and mind.

In Honiara you can witness the ever increasing number of youths engaging in some forms of unlawful activities because they have nothing to do.

Take a walk down the streets of Honiara and you would see a good number of youths mostly male and few females roaming aimlessly. Their rugged and dirty looks and appearance will tell you that this male or female has a sick mind and is psychologically affected.

Today many people have associated too much marijuana as the cause for the increasing number of mentally affected people in our streets.

These people are also a threat to many people who going about doing their normal business and shopping.

The incident last week in Renbel, where a son allegedly dug up his own father’s grave is the worst to have happened.

The son is said to be a strong user of marijuana for a long time. So, if his brain is not working properly, then such things can happen.

Therefore, the need to educate our young people from using too much of such illegal substance is very important.

Parents, elders, chiefs, church leaders, health workers and youth leaders must take an active role in educating our youths about the dangers of these illegally substance.

On the economic side, its important that the private sector must be supported to ensure there are more jobs being created for our youths.

The government through our national leaders have a big role to play. They have millions of dollars at their disposal.

The proper use of it would bring changes to this country and the young population. Therefore our leaders should see the importance of investing in our youths for the betterment of this nation.